A Simple, Versatile Real Food Breakfast Menu

If I could pick a period in which to breakfast, I would choose the Upper-class Regency Era in England, a la Downton Abbey season 1 for two reasons:  the menu was simple and unhurried.  The upstairs residents of the Regency Era households had the luxury of lingering over breakfast while engaging in polite chit chat…

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Book Banter: A Book Review From the Side Porch

Thanks for joining me in a monthly book banter.  If we are going to be coffee-sipping on the side porch friends, then I must unapologetically confess three of my weaknesses to you right now:  organic lipstick found for a bargain, organic coffee (lattes to be exact), and books.  Some women buy too many shoes; I…

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Farm Creatures

Our sheep. It all started out as a Mother’s Day gift and ended (or rather continues) with a small herd of ewes bearing the names of Jane Austen characters. Yes, Jane Austen characters: Jane, Charlotte, Fanny, etc. the list continues. Our sweet herd, is 100% Romney a breed best known for their curly, silky wool.…

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Don’t Cram Your Kid in a Curriculum Box

I adore giving gifts.  Everything about the process excites me.  To the gift giver, the presentation of the gift is as equally important as the actual gift.   I recently bought a gift for a friend and tried to force the gift in what I thought was the perfect box.  The contents simply wouldn’t fit in…

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Mothering, the Great Balancing Act

A few weeks ago, I visited my favorite neighborhood coffee lounge, a mutual gathering place for Mac-toting hipsters and middle-aged woman like myself. That particular day, I ended up sharing a stainless steel (whatever happened to cozy couches and overstuffed chairs) with two moms who were out for a bit of respite with the aid…

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Eat to Glorify God

It’s Sunday morning, Bible in one hand, energy drink in the other, and headed for church arriving just in time to swing by the fellowship table to grab a slice of the sugary confection perched in its perfect plastic container. Call it breakfast. Do we want to glorify God in all things which include making…

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4 Ways to a Frugal, Elegant Wedding Venue

If you followed step one of how to plan a frugal, elegant wedding, then you’ve started to seal a measure of authenticity for the special day.  Remember, the wedding ceremony and the reception should reflect unique characteristics about the couple.  Too often, the opportunity for the wedding couple to express uniqueness drowns in the cookie…

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