Whole30 Days Hath September Challenge and Cookbook Giveaway

This post contains affiliate links. (Read disclosure policy) September is the month of maintenance.  It’s the month to yank faded annuals from your flower beds and garden pots and exchange them for cool weather flora.  At this time of year, newsstands feature glossy magazine covers that promote the current de-cluttering and organizational techniques for our…

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How to Find Hope in Your Failure

Writers often receive these dreaded things called a rejection slip for a book, a poem, or an article One of my favorite authors, Madeleine L’Engle laments that “Every rejection slip—and you could paper walls with my rejection slips—was like the rejection of me.”  I can relate.  Writers might spend hours weaving the perfect nouns and…

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Grass-fed Beef: Unveiling the Secret Behind the Label

When you swipe your card to pay for “grass-fed” beef, you need to distinguish between a marketing ploy and authentic grass-fed beef. Labels that identify a package of beef as “grass-fed don’t always tell the whole story,” asserts grass-fed beef expert Jo Robinson. Articles and notes litter my desk about the controversial and complex grass-fed…

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