Put an End to Meal Planning Fatigue.


Remove the struggle of healthy eating. Not sure what to cook?

Take the stress and overwhelm out of planning healthy meals. In just three weeks make significant progress in your healthy eating.

A 21-day digital healthy eating meal plan that eliminates the stress of what to cook.


Healthy eating just got easier.

And...Crisis-Proof Your Health

My Journey to Back to Health

  • Maintaining a healthy eating plan helped restore my health from Lyme Disease.
  • I cultivated a lifestyle of healthy living which played a huge role in eradicating the disease.
  • Now, as a writer and Holistic Health and Wellness Coach, I share my journey to inspire YOU to make better food choices and develop healthy food habits.
  • As a busy mom and a professional, following a meal plan ensures that I prepare nutritious meals, not fall back on eating out or fast food.
  • Eating nourishing foods is an active way to participate in healing your body from illness or chronic disease.
  • Healthy eating is a form of self-care. Fostering a lifestyle of healthy eating and living allows you to serve others from a place of physical wholeness.
  • We are custodians of our bodies so it is our responsibility to manage and care for it.

Move in The Right Direction Toward Health and Wellness

Save Time and Money


Boost Your Health

Make Simple changes to your eating plan with long-term benefits.

Detailed recipes with images

Sample of Week 2's handy printable meal plan with images of every meal: breakfast, lunch, dinner and 3 snacks a day.

Nutrition Information with every recipe

Meal planning can be overwhelming, especially if you are navigating a new journey in healthy eating.

The Soulful, no-FUSS 21-day healthy eating meal plan, 105 pages, eliminates the stress and takes the guesswork out of what to cook.

Save time and money by using a meal plan. You get 21 days of meals that cultivate a lifestyle of healthy living.

Small, step changes in food choices and eating habits that promote overall wellness.

The meal plan empowers you to move forward in healthy living by eating foods that nourish your body and crisis-proof your health.

Recipes use real food to create deliciously healthy meals

I include recipes that use plant-based sweeteners. Recipes are gluten-free, mostly Paleo, and Whole30 compliant recipes. Recipes are easy to convert to dairy-free.

Convenient and comprehensive shopping list for each week.

Bonus Blank Meal Plan Template

21 Days of Stress-free cooking

  • Weekly meal plans include recipes for breakfast, lunch, dinner and 3 daily snacks.
  • Complete shopping list for each week.
  • Desktop and mobile friendly
  • Dirty Dozen and Clean 15 List
  • High-quality image for each recipe.
  • Simple, nutritious recipes
  • Best Practices for healthy eating info sheet.
  • Expand your culinary skills
  • Notes for Recipes
  • Nutritional information provided for each recipe.
  • Bonus blank meal plan template for you to write your own meal plan using your favorite recipes from the 21-day meal plan.


"As a professional writer, it is not unusual for people to send me stuff they have written. What was unusual about Denise sending me her meal plan was that I looked at it and in the first 12 hours have already used two of her recipes! Her menus are beautiful and they make you WANT to eat healthy. I guarantee you will save the money you spend on the meal plan your first week because you will want to eat at home! Tracy Davenport, PhD, Tracyshealthyliving.com

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21-Day Healthy Eating Meal Plan
Soulful, No-FUSS Healthy Living's 21-Day Healthy EatingMeal Plan

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  • What size is the 21-Day Healthy Eating Meal Plan?

The meal plan is a standard size of 8.5 x 11. The file is in PDF format. The meal plan is a digital product. You can print in black and white to save ink.

  • How many servings do the meals serve?

The meals serve a family of 4, and if a specific meal is indicated as a "leftover," then the servings are doubled.

  • What eating plan does the 21-Day Healthy Eating Meal Plan follow?

The meal plan follows a clean, real food protocol. Some of the meals are Paleo and Whole30. The plan is dairy-free. Sweeteners are plant-based. There are no processed or refined ingredients.

  • Is the 21-Day Healthy Eating Meal Plan Gluten-Free?

The meal plan offers gluten-free or milled grain options. I strongly suggest that you avoid any store-bought bread other than sourdough or gluten-free bread. The healthiest bread is from home-milled grain.

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