3 Healthy Dessert Recipes

Not long ago, a friend asked me to compile a list of my favorite quick and no-FUSS healthful desserts. She had recently started to rethink the role that food plays in her health. Her recent health journey included a nutrition paradigm shift that clarified the importance of nutrition. On her quest to transform her eating life, she realized that it is possible to enjoy healthy dessert recipes made with whole food ingredients.

My friend traversed the tough road of dysfunctional eating to one of food awareness. She reformed her eating habits without depriving herself of the joy that food brings, including dessert.

Gone are her days of inhaling a bag of cookies like a fire breathing performance. Instead, gradual changes in her eating and living inspired a food revolution in her pantry and frig.

3 Healthy Dessert Recipes

Dairy-free strawberry ice-cream

Dairy-Free Strawberry Ice-cream

1 can of coconut cream
1 small bag of frozen strawberries,
Refrigerate the cream for several hours. The cream
will solidify at the top. Spoon the cream into a blender
or food processor. Add the bag of frozen strawberries.
Blend until smooth. If the mixture is too thick to blend,
drizzle a little of the coconut liquid as needed. Then add the honey to taste.

Optional: Blend in 1/2 a cup of soy-free, fair-trade mini-chocolate chips semi-sweet mini chocolate chips

Chocolate Banana Smoothie (Whole30 Compliant)

Photo by Chelsea Shapouri on Unsplash

You can make my chocolate banana smoothie (click link for recipe) in under 5 minutes. The smoothie is free from refined sugar and processed ingredients. Go ahead, enjoy.

If you missed the link above, get the recipe here

Date Truffles


When it’s time to pass the plates with festive treats, offer your family and friends a nutrient-dense dessert, like date truffles rather than the typically processed confection.

The whole food ingredient list in this dessert includes almonds, shredded coconut, coconut oil, and flaxseed, all of which are superfoods.

If you missed the link above, get the recipe here

Making Intentional Food Choices

Over time, my friend made healthy living a lifestyle. Her health and well-being drastically improved. Balanced and responsible food choices became second nature to her. She dispelled the myth that healthy eating excluded dessert.

Get excited about expanding your culinary skills to include healthy dessert recipes. Healthy eating doesn’t mean depriving yourself of dessert, just learn how to choose the right ingredients.

For too long, we’ve underestimated the power of real food. Cultivating a lifestyle of eating whole foods frees you from sugar addiction and cravings, reduces chronic illness, and saves money in healthcare costs. Healthy eating fosters delight and joy in the gift of food.

If you would like to dispose of diets, food fads, and wellness trends, and adopt a lifestyle approach to healthy living, but you aren’t sure where to begin, sign up for my newsletter and let’s journey together.

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