The challenge evokes awareness about food choices.

Get off the sugar struggle bus for $27

You've been struggling with sugar for way too long. By now, you've spent time on sugar-free fads, nutritional programs, and products but the truth is you can't seem to quit your sugar habit.

When you get stressed, nervous, or bored, sugar provides comfort. You feel hopeless, frustrated, and maybe a little disappointed with yourself and your inability to resist the white stuff.

If you don't do something soon, your chronic disease will worsen and eventually affect other body systems.

The side effects of sugar dependency will continue to ravage your body.

Sound like a lot to manage? I've helped lots of clients kick refined sugar out of their life. Here's the secret: commit to this plan for 7 days, and you will begin to see changes in your health and well-being.

Interested in taking on the challenge? Good news—everything you'll need is here.

Once you sign up for the challenge, you will receive the No-Sugar Challenge Handbook and ME as your health coach.


  • A 7-day No-Sugar Meal Plan
  • Daily coaching video delivered to your inbox
  • One forty-five-minute 1:1 coaching session with me
  • Private Facebook Group
  • Challenge guidebook

Start today!

Watch the changes this challenge will make in your body and your life.


What to expect from each day of the challenge:

Day 1: How to do a pantry & frig audit

Start the challenge of knowing which foods should take up shelf space in your pantry and refrigerator. We will spend time taking inventory of your food shelves.

Day 2: How to meal plan crash session

If you can spare 20 minutes a week, you can create a healthy meal plan that steers you away from sugar.

Learn to plan healthy meals.

Meal planning is essential so that you aren't tempted to order unhealthy fast foods or rely on quick processed meals.

Start with the free meal plan included with this challenge and then we will build from there.

Day 3: How to create habit change that lasts

The only way to keep the sugar demon from sabotaging your health again is learning how to create new habits.

The challenge launches into a new n-sugar habit.

Day 4: How to restore gut health

Discover what refined sugar does to your gut health which will reduce, possibly eliminate, BRAIN FOG, GUT DYSFUNCTION, JOIN PAIN, AND INFLAMMATION.

Day 5: How to know what triggers your desire for sugar?

We will introduce the practice of journaling, prayer, and reflection as we unpack the triggers that evoke your desire for sugar.

Day 6: How to implement environmental control

Change requires you to restructure your environment and conquer temptations.

Day 7: How to reward yourself when you achieve a goal.

We aren't used to rewarding ourselves for not giving in to our sugar cravings. And in this challenge, we reward ourselves for small step changes.

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I am a certified holistic health-wellness coach who helps women quit refined sugar so they can restore, manage, and combat chronic disease and live a life of wholeness.

I will be your personal health-wellness coach for the next seven days.