Make Aronia Berry a Part of Your Health-Wellness Protocol

Aronia berry often takes backstage to the more well-known elderberry. Maybe the Aronia berry’s (Aronia melanocarpa) more common name, “chokeberry,” prevent the shrub from moving to health food celebrity status. But it’s just a matter of time before this super berry gets the attention it deserves. Interestingly, the antioxidant capacity of Aronia berry exceeds that…

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Reboot Your Health With Anti-inflammatory Eating

anti inflammatory eating

You may have heard the term “chronic inflammation before. It’s making headlines these days. We’re finding that chronic inflammation can wreak havoc on our health. One way to crisis-proof or reset your health is to incorporate an anti-inflammatory diet. You’ll hear my bossy voice (just this once) inside this space because I care about you…

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How to Change Your Sugar Habit

how to change your sugar habit

Sorry sugar, you’ve been a toxic friend, so you have got to go!  The refined white stuff and its partner in crime, high fructose corn syrup, appear in the most unexpected places. With the help of processed foods, sugar creeps into your body with stealth-like moves. However, change your sugar habit and propel your health…

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How to Create Health and Wellness Habits That Last

health-wellness habits

Habits. It’s an endless journey that takes us down the road of breaking bad habits then cultivating new rhythms. As an integrative health-wellness coach, clients and I devote time to habit-breaking and habit-building. If you are combating a chronic disease(s), learn how to create health-wellness habits that support your health and resilience. I am in…

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Foster a Simple Sleep Routine as Part of Your Health-Wellness Protocol

foster sleep health

It’s late. But you can’t shut your mind off like you do your laptop. Instead, your thoughts move in unison with the whir of the ceiling fan. Covers on. Covers off. Pillow fluffed then flattened. Something disrupts your circadian rhythm: Lyme disease, chronic disease, hormonal imbalances, stress (all possibly connected). Sleep is an often overlooked…

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How to Protect Yourself From Lyme Disease

protect yourself from Lyme disease

{This post contains affiliate links} The lemon daffodils and grape hyacinths barely had a chance to push through the chilly soil when we noticed that ticks debuted in the garden as well. Honestly, I would much rather kneel in my garden, plucking weeds and cutting blossoms without having to worry about Lyme disease. But that’s…

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Recover From Adrenal Fatigue With a Natural Approach

adrenal fatigue

They are small but mighty. The walnut-sized adrenal glands wield their hormonal power from atop their command post—your kidneys. How well these twin glands function can impact your physical and mental quality of life. You can recover from adrenal fatigue with a natural approach. As integrative health and wellness coach and Lyme warrior, I interact…

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