Conquering Perfect Mother Syndrome (PMS)

Before entering the mommy arena, I unpacked baggage from my childhood and wrestled it to the floor. Then I carefully repacked the baggage and affectionately renamed them “experiences.”  I devoured every parenting book in print, or so it seemed, feeding my insatiable appetite for mommy knowledge.  My misguided quest to be the perfect mom, eventually,…

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Homeschooling Pitfalls to Avoid

As one who enjoys a road trip, I appreciate when I am warned of potential hazards or pitfalls along the way.  I carry over that same appreciation when someone willingly offers a warning about something they’ve already experienced in life. A few years ago, I attended a writer’s conference for a much-needed injection of inspiration.…

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6 Effective Real Food Habits for Healthful Living

Science, industry, and government have complicated our food.  Food is intended to be simple and pleasurable.  Instead, we rely on specific food movements to tell us how and what to eat.  Based on the statistics for obesity, high blood pressure, and chronic diseases, our Western diet has failed us.  Sadly, in most of America, pharmacies…

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