Improve Your Listening Skills and Become a Soulful Listener

I don’t know any other way to break it to you, but becoming a soulful listener is tough. Our digital age makes it difficult to give someone your undivided attention. There are practical ways that help you become more than a better listener; you can become a soulful one. These days, listening takes practice and…

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Cultivate a Practice of Soulful Self-care to Avoid Burn-out

soulful healthy living COVID-19

I am a recovering self-care skeptic. My love-hate relationship with the concept spans two decades. In the twilight days of my mothering, I confused self-care with selfishness. I thought a much-needed respite was a trademark of weakness. Self-care cultivates a vibrant spiritual life, manages stress, prevents burn-out, fosters a lifestyle of healthy living, and helps…

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Life Lessons I Learned This Fall

what I learned

It’s that time again when I join my friend Emily P.Freeman and share some of the life lessons I learned this season. This fall is particularly exciting because I am personally transitioning into a different season of life. Because of entering a new phase, most of my life lessons this fall are stories and memories…

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Quiet Your Inner Critic

inner critic

{This post contains affiliate links.} Acknowledging the driving force behind the inner critic is the gateway to soulful healthy living. Words aren’t cheap. They are costly. The words that stay locked inside your head are just as treacherous as those that roll off the tongue. The voice of the inner critic spews words that can…

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Does the Practice of Saying Grace Really Matter?

saying grace

{This post contains affiliate links} It’s lunchtime at the orphanage, and about 50 girls clamor to the windowless, concrete structure and take their seat. There is nothing more sobering than to watch a child in a developing country saying grace. I fixed my eyes on a frail, quiet girl who whispers a humble prayer of…

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6 Things I Learned This Summer 2019

6 things I learned this summer

6 Things I Learned This Summer I have a small notebook with the inscription, “Today Is Beautiful.” Those three words remind me that anytime I find a quote that inspires me or a phrase that sparks contemplation, adds beauty to the day. I carry that notebook with me—EVERYWHERE. If I am in the market for…

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5 Things I Learned This Spring

what I learned this spring

We stand at the passing of one season ready to move forward into another. The change of the season marks a good time to reflect on what I’ve learned before moving ahead. Planting seeds, dismantling walls, and conquering giants are a few of the lessons I learned this spring. What I’ve Learned This Spring Mary…

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