Lose Weight, Improve Your Health in Less Time Without Feeling Deprived

lose weight and improve health

Because of my work as a faith-based health and wellness coach, people often ask me about soulful ways to cultivate or make changes to their lifestyle. Most people start with “What is the quickest way to lose a few pounds?” or “Why am I chronically tired?”  To lose weight and improve your health can often…

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A Biblical Framework for Healthy Eating

biblical framework for healthy eating

For too long, churches across America remain reticent when it comes to issues regarding food. Yet pews are full of congregants who battle with disordered/dysfunctional eating or struggle with body image. Mounting prayer requests pour in from those who suffer from chronic illnesses brought on by lifestyle choices. I believe the faith-based community yearns for…

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Rediscover Soulful Healthy Living Thanks to COVID-19

soulful healthy living thanks to COVID-10

Let the physical and emotional trials brought on by COVID-19 prompt you to rediscover soulful healthy living so that you can serve God and others from a place of spiritual and physical wholeness. Maybe you haven’t been personally afflicted by the C-virus. Even so, the pandemic altered our lives in many ways. In many ways,…

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Move Into Meal Planning Action

meal planning

{This post contains affiliate links} Meal planning can be a tool that moves you in the direction of wellness. Farmer’s Market guru and real food advocate, Nina Planck, reminds us that we should “eat freely, for health and pleasure.” It’s possible to do both. Eating freely and with pleasure calls for us to make conscious…

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Tips on Making Healthy Lifestyle Changes That Last

foster sleep health

Deep down, you know that you need to change your lifestyle habits, but hiking barefoot in the dead of winter seems easier than taking the next step toward change. I am here to help you cultivate sustainable and soulful lifestyle changes in your health and wellness that last. Unless faced with a health crisis or…

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What I Learned This Winter 2020

what I learned this winter

Things I Learned This Winter – 2020 It’s been a mild winter here in the Mid-Atlantic. Springtime is coming. The sun has begun to warm the soil. Just the other day, I noticed green spikes of crocuses and snowdrops poking through the wet, icy soil. Once again, I join writer Emily P. Freeman and other…

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Develop the Practice of Soulful Healthy Eating

soulful healthy eating

This post contains affiliate links. For my full disclosure policy visit here. Let’s Get A New Perspective on Healthy Eating If you want to change the way you eat, it will help to view food through a different lens. Soulful healthy eating is a lifestyle, a practice, not a trend or a fad. Developing a…

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