8 Powerful Ways to Foster Gratitude in Kids

When did you last see genuine gratitude in kids?  Was it Christmas or a birthday? For me, it was a few years ago beneath the scorching Caribbean sun when my family and I delivered gifts from an American church to a fledgling Haitian orphanage.  Our ramshackle Land Rover traveled off the beaten path to deliver…

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Equipping Daughters For a Dark, Grey World

  The blockbuster sequel, Fifty Shades Darker, which the marketing masterminds in the film industry release on pre-Valentines weekend, will once again deliver a colossal contradiction to our culture with such sublime subtlety that, if we are not vigilant, it will slither its way into our households, schools, churches, and places of employment, regardless of whether…

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10 Conversations I want to Have With My Teen

If I could take a long road trip with my teen, I would choose a destination that would take us down miles of those mid-western linear highways so that I could focus on our conversations and not worry about white-knuckle driving.  I wouldn’t chase after a hallmark sunset or a superb skyline because all I…

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