8 Healthy Living Tips for the Homeschool Mom

Perhaps the catastrophic national health crisis propelled you into a home education journey. Before you embark on your school year expedition, here is an invitation to cultivate a few simple healthy living practices. These sanity-saving healthy living tips will help you serve your family and others from a place of wellness and wholeness. The Blue…

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Improve Your Listening Skills and Become a Soulful Listener

I don’t know any other way to break it to you, but becoming a soulful listener is tough. Our digital age makes it difficult to give someone your undivided attention. There are practical ways that help you become more than a better listener; you can become a soulful one. These days, listening takes practice and…

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Cultivate a Practice of Soulful Self-care to Avoid Burn-out

soulful healthy living COVID-19

I am a recovering self-care skeptic. My love-hate relationship with the concept spans two decades. In the twilight days of my mothering, I confused self-care with selfishness. I thought a much-needed respite was a trademark of weakness. Self-care cultivates a vibrant spiritual life, manages stress, prevents burn-out, fosters a lifestyle of healthy living, and helps…

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5 Ways to Cultivate a Simple, Soulful Morning Rhythm

Not long ago, a frazzled mom asked me what my morning routine looked like. Almost embarrassed because of its simplicity, I shared my early morning rhythm anyway. I like to call it a rhythm rather than a routine. A rhythm sounds less rigid than routine. A morning rhythm can ebb and flow with your season…

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5 Things I Learned This Spring

what I learned this spring

We stand at the passing of one season ready to move forward into another. The change of the season marks a good time to reflect on what I’ve learned before moving ahead. Planting seeds, dismantling walls, and conquering giants are a few of the lessons I learned this spring. What I’ve Learned This Spring Mary…

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What I Learned This Fall


{I use my affiliate link in this post, which means if you make a purchase, I earn a tiny (and I mean tiny) percentage which helps maintain this site.} Healthy Living is more than how you fill your plate. It includes your spiritual and emotional well being too. Inspired by Emily P. Freeman’s Podcast, Episode…

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Timeless Parenting Tips From Mr. Rogers

Mr. Rogers, parenting

My kids considered afternoons with Mr. Rogers sacred time.  When the theme song It’s a Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood started to role, that was their cue to take their seats and reconvene their friendship with the man in the cardigan sweater and well-worn sneakers. For an hour, my kids sat spellbound and learned life…

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