What Everyone Should Know About Family Life

family Life

Family life is like a Smith Island cake. For generations, the women of Smith Island have mastered the art of the Smith Island cake. They skillfully assemble 8-10 layers of paper-thin buttery bliss to create a towered architectural wonder swathed in cooked, fudge frosting.  Even the most experienced, dexterous Smith Island bakers find themselves routinely…

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Sleepovers: Rethinking This Potentially Unsafe Childhood Pastime


  Sleepovers are woven into the fabric of American childhood.  In today’s world, an invite to a sleepover may likely outrank the wonderment and anticipation of waiting for the tooth fairy. Writing an article about the inherent dangers of sleepovers is as popular as pillaging honey pots from Winnie-the-Pooh.  Why would I try to discredit…

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Enduring and Responding to Life’s Storms and Trials

storms of life

I have a great reverence for deep bodies of water.  Not long ago, we took a Saturday excursion by boat to remote and deserted Watts Island, a mile-long sliver of land nestled in the Tangier Sound of Virginia.  The monotonous hum of the outboard motor mixed with the taste of salt water from the spray…

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Conquering Perfect Mother Syndrome (PMS)

perfect mother syndrome

Before entering the mommy arena, I unpacked baggage from my childhood and wrestled it to the floor. Then I carefully repacked the baggage and affectionately renamed them “experiences.”  I devoured every parenting book in print, or so it seemed, feeding my insatiable appetite for mommy knowledge.  My misguided quest to be the perfect mom, eventually,…

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The Struggling Reader: 5 Things They Want You to Know About Them

5 Things the struggling reader wants you to know

As a nation, we ardently campaign for the rights of individuals.  When it comes to accommodating people who struggle with reading, our classrooms and places of employment often don’t reflect that endeavor. We erroneously assume that everyone who sits in a classroom or a conference room should be called upon to read aloud. In an…

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Develop Your Child’s Identity and Purpose While They are in the Nest

identity and purpose

Whether you’ve nursed your firstborn or you’ve been a spiritual mother to the children in your neighborhood, no matter how you arrived at motherhood the moment comes when children grow up and leave the nest. Solving the Identity Crisis: I am a Bat NOT a Bird The capstone of parenting, according to popular culture is…

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Homeschooling Pitfalls to Avoid


As one who enjoys a road trip, I appreciate when I am warned of potential hazards or pitfalls along the way.  I carry over that same appreciation when someone willingly offers a warning about something they’ve already experienced in life. A few years ago, I attended a writer’s conference for a much-needed injection of inspiration.…

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