Beginner’s Guide to Growing Stunning Cut Flowers

cut flowers

You don’t have to be a trained horticulturalists to grow stunning cut flowers. A flower gardener is anyone with a genuine love of flowers and a willingness to get a little soil beneath your nails. Flowers are nature’s paint.  With so many varieties of cut flowers available, you can choose the color palette of your…

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Grow Paperwhites Like the Pros

healthy living gift ideas

  Up your gardening game this Christmas and grow paperwhites like the pros at the garden centers. How can I think about Christmas when the marigold and burnt rust leaves still cling to our sycamore tree?  Clusters of scarlet Aronia berries weigh heavily on the branches, patiently awaiting their harvest for jams and juice.  Early…

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Grass-fed Beef: Unveiling the Secret Behind the Label

grass-fed beef

When you swipe your card to pay for “grass-fed” beef, you need to distinguish between a marketing ploy and authentic grass-fed beef. Labels that identify a package of beef as “grass-fed don’t always tell the whole story,” asserts grass-fed beef expert Jo Robinson. Articles and notes litter my desk about the controversial and complex grass-fed…

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Whole30: How to Get Ready For Your Food Makeover

whole30 food makeover

Have you ever considered a food makeover? We don’t think twice about refreshing the kitchen but what about an overhaul on the food we eat?  Could certain foods trigger your chronic headaches or other health issues? Everyone loves and, on occasion, needs and deserves a makeover.  Like me, you’ve at one time experienced an organization…

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Eat Real Food and Never Diet Again

real food

Eat Real Food and Never Diet Again “I am going on a diet,”  remarked the woman in front of me at the supermarket check-out. She didn’t seem overly enthused about her upcoming dietary challenge. In fact, she seemed nervous and sad. She can’t remember a diet she didn’t try.  Exasperated with her weight gain, she…

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5 Health Benefits of Gardening and 4 Tips to Get You Started


Whenever I think of gardening  I envision Mary Lennox, Frances Hodgson Burnett’s character, from the perennial novel, The Secret Garden.  Mary, a product of the Victorian era where children are to be seen and not heard, stands in front of her well-heeled yet emotionally disconnected uncle/guardian and with a lump in her throat, sheepishly asks for …

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