Recover From Adrenal Fatigue With a Natural Approach

adrenal fatigue

They are small but mighty. The walnut-sized adrenal glands wield their hormonal power from atop their command post—your kidneys. How well these twin glands function can impact your physical and mental quality of life. You can recover from adrenal fatigue with a natural approach. As integrative health and wellness coach and Lyme warrior, I interact…

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The Essential Healthy Holiday Gift Guide

healthy holiday gift guide

The other day my friend suggested that I create a healthy living resource list. Family, friends, and health coaching clients often send me a text or email asking for recommendations on certain products. All of the gift ideas on the list are items that I use. You will recognize many of the products from my…

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Kick Your Sugar Habit in 30 Days; Change Your Health

If you feel like the sugar demon has its grip on you, and you can’t see a way to break free, well, I’ve got some tips on how to slay that monster once and for all. You can kick the sugar habit in 30 days. Why thirty days? Because, yes, you can do anything for…

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Lose Weight, Improve Your Health in Less Time Without Feeling Deprived

lose weight and improve health

Because of my work as a faith-based health and wellness coach, people often ask me about soulful ways to cultivate or make changes to their lifestyle. Most people start with “What is the quickest way to lose a few pounds?” or “Why am I chronically tired?”  To lose weight and improve your health can often…

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How Body Positivity Can Lead to Body-Negligence

body positivity

I recently met a friend for coffee, and before I took one sip of my latte, she said, “I’ve been ignoring my obesity and calling it body positivity?” I am her skinny friend who wears a size two. She lovingly gives me the eye roll whenever I bring my signature healthy recipes to our Bible…

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Learn to Make a Healthy Smoothie Plus 10 Smoothie Recipes


Around for almost a century, smoothies continue to gain popularity today. A smoothie is poetry in a cup. Like a stanza from my favorite poet, the well-crafted smoothie appeals to the six senses. Kickstart your morning or fuel your afternoon with a nutrient-dense smoothie. Blended fruits and vegetables offer another way to pack in vitamins,…

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Combat Stress With Good Nutrition

combat stress with nutrition

The current statistic says that 75% to 90% of all physician visits are for stress-related issues. From the stats, we can conclude that stress is America’s leading health issue. One way to combat stress is with nutrition. Let’s start with food since eating is the one essential activity you do throughout the day. In the…

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