Meal Plans

Whole30 Meal Plan for One Week

The former editor of America’s Test Kitchen (ATK), Christopher Kimball declares, “I hate the idea that cooking should be a celebration or a party. Cooking is about putting food on the table night after night, and there isn’t anything glamorous about it.”  Kimball may not have designed a Whole30 meal plan, but after decades of…

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How to Get Started With the Whole30 Challenge 2017

The Whole30 program is just the beginning of your journey into healthful living. Everyone who embarks on a new journey experiences a level of apprehension.  Intentional planning will eliminate some of the distress.  If you were to climb Mount Everest, there would be specific steps you would take to ensure a safe, well-planned adventure.  Although…

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A Simple, Versatile Real Food Breakfast Menu

If I could pick a period in which to breakfast, I would choose the Upper-class Regency Era in England, a la Downton Abbey season 1 for two reasons:  the menu was simple and unhurried.  The upstairs residents of the Regency Era households had the luxury of lingering over breakfast while engaging in polite chit chat…

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