How to Repair Your Fractured Relationship With Healthy Cooking

healthy cooking

After years of empathetic listening, I finally discovered how to repair a woman’s fractured relationship with healthy cooking. Here it is (drum roll…) foster a cooking rhythm that is simple, seasonal, nourishing, and savory. I know a lot of women who despise cooking, in general. Some of them sheepishly admit their disdain for any culinary…

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How to Manage Lyme Disease During the Holidays

manage Lyme disease

2020 thrust unexpected obstacles and barriers in our way. Fighting Lyme disease requires you to harness the strength to push obstacles out of your way so that you can get on with your recovery. With the holidays at your doorstep, it’s important to manage your disease or illness effectively. When you are sick, it’s tempting…

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The Essential Healthy Holiday Gift Guide

healthy holiday gift guide

The other day my friend suggested that I create a healthy living resource list. Family, friends, and health coaching clients often send me a text or email asking for recommendations on certain products. All of the gift ideas on the list are items that I use. You will recognize many of the products from my…

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DIY All-Natural Dyes for Easter Eggs

all-natural easter egg dye

  Spring 2020, the days melt into weeks and settle into a pool of months. Even though I became numb to time and dates, annual family traditions do not slumber. We will continue with the hallmark tradition of dyeing eggs using all-natural ingredients collected from the pantry and refrigerator. This year could be the year…

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