How to Find Hope in Your Failure

Writers often receive these dreaded things called a rejection slip for a book, a poem, or an article One of my favorite authors, Madeleine L’Engle laments that “Every rejection slip—and you could paper walls with my rejection slips—was like the rejection of me.”  I can relate.  Writers might spend hours weaving the perfect nouns and…

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Homeschooling Pitfalls to Avoid

As one who enjoys a road trip, I appreciate when I am warned of potential hazards or pitfalls along the way.  I carry over that same appreciation when someone willingly offers a warning about something they’ve already experienced in life. A few years ago, I attended a writer’s conference for a much-needed injection of inspiration.…

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11 Homeschool Field-trips (without breaking the bank)

Exploration and discovery can be the motivation and encouragement children need to try and experience new things, which is why field trips are useful portals to broaden our children’s education and thinking. If you’re a homeschool parent looking for homeschool field-trips or a school teacher looking for field trip ideas But do all field trips…

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