Develop Your Child’s Identity and Purpose While They are in the Nest

identity and purpose

Whether you’ve nursed your firstborn or you’ve been a spiritual mother to the children in your neighborhood, no matter how you arrived at motherhood the moment comes when children grow up and leave the nest. Solving the Identity Crisis: I am a Bat NOT a Bird The capstone of parenting, according to popular culture is…

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Homeschooling Pitfalls to Avoid


As one who enjoys a road trip, I appreciate when I am warned of potential hazards or pitfalls along the way.  I carry over that same appreciation when someone willingly offers a warning about something they’ve already experienced in life. A few years ago, I attended a writer’s conference for a much-needed injection of inspiration.…

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10 Homeschool Field-trips or Family Outings (without breaking the bank)

field trips, frugal, family trips

irExploration and discovery can be the motivation and encouragement children need to try new experiences, which is why field trips are valuable portals to broaden our children’s education and thinking. If you’re a homeschool parent looking for homeschool field-trips or a school teacher looking for field trip ideas, allow me to share thoughts for budget-friendly…

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Use a Daily To-do List and Schedule Your Day Like-a-Boss

schedule your day

I am a planner who gets sidetracked.  If I am on my way outside to take out the garbage, and I happen to walk by my flower garden and see a few weeds that need pulling, my kids will find me in the garden thirty minutes later. Not good. This type of boomerang behavior could…

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Book Banter: A Book Review From the Side Porch

book review

Thanks for joining me in a monthly book review from the side porch of my farm house.  If we are going to be coffee-sipping on the side porch friends, then I must unapologetically confess three of my weaknesses to you right now:  organic lipstick found for a bargain, organic coffee (lattes to be exact), and…

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Mothering, the Great Balancing Act

mothering, motherhood

A few weeks ago, I visited my favorite neighborhood coffee lounge, a mutual gathering place for Mac-toting hipsters and middle-aged woman like myself. That particular day, I ended up sharing a stainless steel (whatever happened to cozy couches and overstuffed chairs) with two moms who were out for a bit of respite with the aid…

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