Lyme Disease

What to Include in Your Basic All-Natural First-Aid Kit

When it comes to first-aid, let nature come to the rescue. Before you head out on your next outdoor adventure, assemble an all-natural first-aid kit that promotes health and wellness. What you rub on your face is more than a surface relationship. You want to make sure that the products you use for minor injuries…

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Crush Your Sugar Addiction and Watch Your Health Improve

sugar addiction

{This post contains affiliate links} Sugar addiction grips many people in America, so you are not alone in your struggle.  Most of us either walk around with a sugar buzz or anticipate our next opportunity to score a sugar fix. When we douse our morning brew with our favorite flavored creamer, we awaken the sugar…

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Be Smart About Pretty-Choose Safe MakeUp and Personal Care Products

safe makeup and personal care products

(This post contains affiliate links.) Beyonce is right ‘Pretty Hurts.’ The meaning of the blockbuster lyrics focuses on the societal emphasis on outward beauty, which of course, requires women to invest money and time in products that promise to deliver a radiant cosmetic veneer.  It matters what’s in your head because you need to be…

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Combat Lyme Disease With Nutrition

lyme disease

I usually ignore the glossy magazine with the latest news about celebrities, but a four letter word in bold Helvetica type stopped me in my tracks. The word LYME stretched across the cover. The latest issue chronicles how this intrepid disease crawled its way into the life of another celebrity and wreaked havoc on her…

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