How to Protect Yourself From Lyme Disease

protect yourself from Lyme disease

{This post contains affiliate links} The lemon daffodils and grape hyacinths barely had a chance to push through the chilly soil when we noticed that ticks debuted in the garden as well. Honestly, I would much rather kneel in my garden, plucking weeds and cutting blossoms without having to worry about Lyme disease. But that’s…

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DIY All-Natural Dyes for Easter Eggs

all-natural easter egg dye

  Spring 2020, the days melt into weeks and settle into a pool of months. Even though I became numb to time and dates, annual family traditions do not slumber. We will continue with the hallmark tradition of dyeing eggs using all-natural ingredients collected from the pantry and refrigerator. This year could be the year…

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Essential Natural Remedies for Your Medicine Cabinet

natural remedies

{This post contains affiliate links} The body is a complex machine that needs proper maintenance and care for it to function optimally. Your body endures poor food choices, stress, sleep deprivation, environmental toxins, and inactivity, so, on occasion, your machine will get sick. When it does, subdue your illness from a natural approach. Extend healthy…

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Printable Health and Wellness Binder

Sometimes it takes an unpleasant and overwhelming crisis to force us into action. My daughter’s ongoing health crisis, coupled with my former chronic illness, motivated me to create a Health and Wellness Binder. It would take six years of looking into the faces of practitioners before I put pen to paper. But I finally did…

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7 Natural Lifestyle Tips to Help Manage Menopause

manage stress

{This post contains affiliate links} During pre-adolescence, I waited for my cycle to begin with a gnawing fear of the unknown. With trepidation, I listened to girls in my sixth-grade social studies class describe in detail their physical right of passage. At 13, I finally made it through the gateway to womanhood. Now 41 years…

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Natural Remedies to Combat PMS

natural remedies PMS

(This post contains affiliate links) PMS, in some form, is inevitable. Mood swings, fatigue, bloating, cravings, headache/backache, and cramping can cause any female to mean-girl scream at Mr.Rogers and raid the Sunday school snack cabinet for chocolate— all in the same day. The good news, you can subdue PMS using natural remedies. Combat PMS with…

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What to Include in Your Basic All-Natural First-Aid Kit

When it comes to first-aid, let nature come to the rescue. Before you head out on your next outdoor adventure, assemble an all-natural first-aid kit that promotes health and wellness. What you rub on your face is more than a surface relationship. You want to make sure that the products you use for minor injuries…

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