How Body Positivity Can Lead to Body-Negligence

body positivity

I recently met a friend for coffee, and before I took one sip of my latte, she said, “I’ve been ignoring my obesity and calling it body positivity?” I am her skinny friend who wears a size two. She lovingly gives me the eye roll whenever I bring my signature healthy recipes to our Bible…

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8 Healthy Living Tips for the Homeschool Mom

Perhaps the catastrophic national health crisis propelled you into a home education journey. Before you embark on your school year expedition, here is an invitation to cultivate a few simple healthy living practices. These sanity-saving healthy living tips will help you serve your family and others from a place of wellness and wholeness. The Blue…

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8 Ways to Effectively Manage Stress

managing stress

A recent, widely circulated statistic found that “stress accounts for 75%-90% of all visits to the physician.” So why aren’t we devoted to finding ways, preferably holistic, to manage stress effectively? Stress and Your Body When stress is a normal part of your day, it’s easy to ignore the signs. Routine pressure is constant, as…

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5 Ways to Crisis-Proof Your Health

healthy living

Maybe the current health crisis that threatens our nation motivates you to change unhealthy behaviors, but the decision to move forward might feel overwhelming for you right now. Let’s link arms and take these steps together. Five lifestyle changes can help crisis-proof your health. It’s human nature to trivialize health risks until the threat of…

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Cultivate a Practice of Soulful Self-care to Avoid Burn-out

soulful healthy living COVID-19

I am a recovering self-care skeptic. My love-hate relationship with the concept spans two decades. In the twilight days of my mothering, I confused self-care with selfishness. I thought a much-needed respite was a trademark of weakness. Self-care cultivates a vibrant spiritual life, manages stress, prevents burn-out, fosters a lifestyle of healthy living, and helps…

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Printable Health and Wellness Binder

Sometimes it takes an unpleasant and overwhelming crisis to force us into action. My daughter’s ongoing health crisis, coupled with my former chronic illness, motivated me to create a Health and Wellness Binder. It would take six years of looking into the faces of practitioners before I put pen to paper. But I finally did…

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Quiet Your Inner Critic

inner critic

{This post contains affiliate links.} Acknowledging the driving force behind the inner critic is the gateway to soulful healthy living. Words aren’t cheap. They are costly. The words that stay locked inside your head are just as treacherous as those that roll off the tongue. The voice of the inner critic spews words that can…

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