Wholesome Chocolate Banana Smoothie (Whole30 Compliant)

The goal in real food eating is to find recipes that use clean ingredients.  My daughter, who is my partner in kitchen creations, and I blended this scrumptious wholesome chocolate banana smoothie (Whole30 compliant/vegan/GF) that is packed with ingredients plucked from nature.  The typical smoothie offered at a restaurant can be a bit deceiving.  Most…

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A Simple, Versatile Real Food Breakfast Menu

If I could pick a period in which to breakfast, I would choose the Upper-class Regency Era in England, a la Downton Abbey season 1 for two reasons:  the menu was simple and unhurried.  The upstairs residents of the Regency Era households had the luxury of lingering over breakfast while engaging in polite chit chat…

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Elegant, Frugal Wedding Planning: Step One

Frugal wedding. The adjective doesn’t linguistically partner with the noun any more than organic pesticides or conscious uncoupling. When our daughter announced her engagement, we were just about rounding out the finishing touches to our son’s spring wedding. Two weddings within five months of one another ignited a fiscal challenge that would make even the…

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