ButcherBox From a Farmer’s Perspective

ButcherBox, grass-fed

{This post contains affiliate links} A few years ago I wrote a post about how to navigate the potentially muddled grass-fed beef market. All of the misleading information out there about grass-fed meat propelled me to try and inform my readers about how deceptive the grass-fed label can be. As I researched the grass-fed topic,…

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The Secrets to Making Better Food Choices

food choices

{This post contains affiliate links} Think about the last time you perused the buffet table. Were you like a crouching tiger ready to pounce the salad made with marshmallows, whipped cream, and jello the color of pink taffy? Did you wrestle with knowing that you should fill your plate with the mixed green salad with…

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Whole30 Challenge: How to Prepare For the Challenge and Succeed

whole30 challenge, healthy living

{This post contains affiliate links} If I invited you to join me for the Whole30 Challenge and eliminate certain foods from your diet for ONLY thirty days with remarkable outcomes like: changing the emotional relationship, you have with food repairing the negative relationship, you have with your body resetting the condition of your general health…

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Olive Oil Buyer’s Guide: How to Avoid An Olive Oil Impostor

olive oil

Now and then when a suspicious food topic arises, I have to break out my culinary sleuth kit and do a bit of whole-food detective work in an attempt to unveil food fraud — or the act of deceiving consumers about a food or ingredient for the sake of profit or convenience.  Last year I…

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5 Healthy Eating Obstacles and How to Conquer Them

obstacles to healthy eating

The town where I am from hails the existence of sailing vessels that reach as far back as Captain John Smith who explored the waterways of the Chesapeake Bay in search of profit from its shores. To this day, generations of families carve out a living from the bounty of the bay with the help of…

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Crush Your Sugar Addiction and Watch Your Health Improve

sugar addiction

{This post contains affiliate links} Sugar addiction grips many people in America, so you are not alone in your struggle.  Most of us either walk around with a sugar buzz or anticipate our next opportunity to score a sugar fix. When we douse our morning brew with our favorite flavored creamer, we awaken the sugar…

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Rekindle Your Love For Salads (free salad recipes)

salad recipes

(This post contains affiliate links) There was a time in the history of salad when iceberg reigned king of the lettuces. Much to the salad lovers relief, bland iceberg lettuce abdicated its throne to more veritable heads of green vegetation. Commandeering the produce shelves, assorted varieties of lettuces, kale, and micro-greens offer robust taste, stunning…

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