Holy and Healthy Living Christmas Inspiration Ebook

Christmas ebook

 Holy and Healthy Living Christmas Inspiration Ebook

Holy and Healthy Living exuberantly promotes the need to maintain physical wellness and to cultivate a robust spiritual life. This Christmas season, I created a gift guide that combines wholesome and holy: Holy and Healthy Living Christmas Inspiration Ebook.

Two-Part Seasonal Gift Guide

Part One

Holy and Healthy Living offers a thoughtful two-part seasonal gift guide. Part one of the seasonal gift guide focuses on creating wholesome, fresh and festive gifts that boost well-being. Too often, the holidays are an excuse for junk food revelry. Food binges begin at Thanksgiving and extend to New Year’s Eve.

Why not change all that this year by committing to cooking foods and craft gifts that nurture the body and enrich your Advent. Holy and Healthy Living’s Christmas Ebook provides several gift ideas to help you transition into a wholesome holiday mindset.

Part Two

Part Two of the ebook provides detailed instructions to a transforming, momentous Gospel-centered Secret Twelve Days of Christmas gift giving an activity that will create anticipation and excitement for the recipients.  Excitedly, our family spends twelve fun-loving days doing the Secret Twelve Days of Christmas activity. Once we agree on the recipient(s), usually a family, we bustle about shopping for the twelve gifts that correspond with the Christmas story.  After the shopping for the twelve gifts, we create gift tags for each present.  As you prepare the labels, be sure to include the Bible verse that corresponds to the Advent story (see ebook for verses).

A Secret Twelve Days of Christmas Story

Several years ago, our family chose a young couple who lived just down our tree-lined country road as the recipients of our Secret Twelve Days of Christmas activity. That year the husband, who had just turned 30, had been recently diagnosed with brain cancer. Surgery impaired his speech which left him unable to share his legendary witticisms (which my family still quotes many of them) and his superior academic brilliance.  His physical limitations coupled with the aggressive cancer treatment left our once gregarious neighbor too weak to work.  Once, a hearty outdoorsman, he had to content himself with watching the outdoor world from the confines of his recliner.

The covert delivery of the first package from the Secret Twelve Days of Christmas ignited a spark of energy in his battered body.  Each day after that he meandered around his premises looking for successive packages.  Of course, we varied the delivery time of our clandestine activity just to heighten the suspense.

On day twelve, we revealed our identity and invited the young couple to Christmas Eve Candlelight service at our church.

They showed up.

That Christmas Eve as we belted out ‘O Holy Night’ I glanced over at our neighbor and with the glow of the candle I could see a broad smile that resonated hope.

Over the years, a deep friendship developed with our neighbors who began as random recipients of our unusual family tradition. We shared holidays together, pizza nights, Bible studies but all that came to an end.  The claws of cancer gripped his body until there remained no energy to fight.  He surrended not because cancer won, but to surrender, at that point, really meant a victory for him.

He grew in his faith and understood the rescue story that fills the pages of the Bible. This Christmas, share the rescue story with someone in a way that could build two relationships: one with the Rescuer and one with your family.

A Little Gift…

When you purchase the ebook, I’ve included a Christmas week Meal Plan. Most of us find that Christmas week is full of last minute details that cause us to scramble to prepare meals.  Who are we kidding, no one is preparing meals.  Most of us grab and go.  This year, use my Christmas week meal plan.  The meals include links to nutritious recipes that are easy to prepare.  Before Christmas week, go through the meal plan and create a shopping list.

The Ebook Includes:

  • wholesome gifts to make for friends and family
  • a daily guide to the Secret Twelve Days of Christmas Activity


Your Week before Christmas Meal Plan, which includes links to nutritious recipes.

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