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Not Sure How to Get Started in Real Food Living?

Wouldn’t it be nice to actually discuss how to get started with healthy living?  Do you need the next right step? How about some inspiration, motivation, and encouragement while you start your healthy living journey?

Here’s where I come in…

There was a time not too long ago when Lyme Disease assaulted my body and I actively participated in the healing of my body by using the right foods. Yes, I consulted and received treatment for the disease from a Lyme literate physician.  However, food played a huge role in my regaining and reestablishing my health.

If this is you.

Real Food coaching, inspiration, motivation, planning, and encouragement.


Choose your Real Food Coaching Call Level

Level 1: $29- you’ll receive a full half-hour phone/skype call and 1 follow up email

Level 2: $55 – 2 (30 minute) phone or skype calls with 2 follow up emails

Level 3: $130.00 – 4 (30 minutes) phone or skype calls with 4 follow up emails and 1 customized 7-day menu/meal plan.

We can skype or just chat at a scheduled time that serves your schedule.

To start your real food journey, select from the options below and follow the prompts.  Can’t wait to chat with you!



real food coaching
Transitioning to a real food lifestyle does not have to be intimidating with the help of my coaching calls.  If at the end of your coaching call experience  if you are not satisfied with your progress, I will refund 100% of your money.


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