What’s Inside?

7-Day Meal Plan

You’ll get a recipes for breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks, and desserts.

Each recipe includes a high-quality image, cooking instructions and notes.

Nutrition Info for Every Recipe

Detailed nutrition information to help you stay on track!

BONUS: Dirty Dozen and Clean 15 List

Shopping List & Meal-Plan-at-a-Glance Menu

Complete shopping list and bonus at-a-glance weekly menu to keep at your desk or post in your kitchen.

Meet Denise

A decade ago Lyme Disease ravaged my body and hijacked my life. My weak, depressed, and immune-compromised body struggled to complete even the most basic tasks. Healthy living not only helped to heal my body but also changed my outlook on food and wellness.

A lifestyle of healthy living means taking the necessary steps to care for the ONLY body you will EVER get so that you can be the BEST husband/wife, parent, grandparent, friend, pastor, teacher, and employee.

Healthy living does NOT require expensive programs, powders, pills, and gurus. Don't let anyone tell you it does. Those are all accessories, not necessities. 

Healthy living is NOT complicated; I promise. Learn how to enjoy a no-FUSS lifestyle approach to healthy living.

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Healthy Holiday Meal Plan

Smoothie Recipe Book

35 delicious and nourishing smoothie recipes that make great snacks or desserts.

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Healthy Holiday Meal Plan