It’s time to stop procrastinating until January.

Waiting for New Year's isn't the solution.

Healthy Holiday Coaching Program

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Navigate the holidays with food-control, less stress, and more focus.

Health-wellness coaching equips you to make changes that transform your health. Coaching helps you to reform problematic health habits and food choices.

All done without judgment but with compassion and empathy.

My health-wellness coaching will help you:

Identify your goals

Denise's coaching will help clear your mind of guilt and defeat. She will collaborate with you to set realistic health goals that propel you forward in your health-wellness journey.

Overcome challenges

Life is full of wrenches and obstacles. Denise's coaching methods will help you grow through your challenges instead of letting them stop you on your life’s journey.

Navigate a journey of change

Denise's coaching will help clear your mind of chaos, clutter, and negativity. Learn new ways to make sustainable, long-term change.

Find your direction

Feeling aimless, not sure which direction to head with your health-wellness? Denise will help you navigate the direction you want to go in while giving you the tools you need to follow the path you choose.

“Denise is gentle, judgment-free and understanding. She worked with me at my pace to help me move toward my goals."

— Debbie

What's included in my

health-wellness coaching?

Six 1:1 sixty-minute coaching sessions with Denise

Denise offers both virtual and in-person health-wellness coaching. You schedule your sessions using her scheduling app. Your first session will be the longest, approximately 90-minutes.

Proven Strategies to meet your goals

Join in on Denise's expertly-led sessions. She implements coaching strategies that lead to lifestyle change. Experience accountability and challenge with kindness, empathy, and compassion.

Weekly Growth Tools and Resources

Every session includes weekly goals, growth tools (homework), and coaching resources that help you maximize change.

Weekly accountability via text, email, Voxer, or DM

Between sessions, you can contact Denise if you need clarification about your session goals or program, or if you simply need some support.

Make the change that lasts!

Coaching helps to break problematic health and wellness habit cycles. So invest your time, resources, and effort into coaching, which will nurture change.