It's the holidays and you want healthy desserts but aren't sure what to bake.

Use my Healthy Holiday Baking Recipe Collection!

Simple, delicious, and gluten-free/dairy free

Healthy Holiday Desserts

Bake delicious and festive holiday recipes that nourish your body.

Learn to prepare made from scratch, good for the body desserts that take Christmas baking to a whole new level!

Don't miss out on the dessert fun of the holiday!

Desserts can be nourishing when you use the right ingredients.

Maintain Your Health Living

We often use the holidays as an excuse to sabotage our healthy eating life.

This year, eat desserts knowing they are supporting your healthy living goals.

Healthy Holiday Desserts

Holiday Dessert Recipes that Promote Health and Well-being.

Let your kitchen be a culinary playground to bake healthy desserts. Turn up your Christmas music and tie on your favorite apron.

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Hi, I am Denise Sultenfuss, and as an Integrative Health and Wellness Coach, I value the collaborative opportunity to assist clients to optimize their health and wellbeing by developing and sustaining healthy lifestyles.

Not long ago, I eradicated acute Lyme disease with the help of a skillfully crafted integrative approach. Since then, it has been my passion to assist others in harnessing the strength needed to overcome health and wellness obstacles and challenge them to take charge of their health.

This Christmas season, invite a few friends over to bake healthy desserts to enjoy during the festive season.

Get Baking!

Use the awesome healthy holiday baking recipe collection to create delicious desserts for your family and friends.

Healthy Holiday Desserts