End Your Struggle With Food Once and For All! Use Real Food as the Gateway to Healthy Living!

Start Here. Start Today. Learn to Cultivate and Maintain a Lifestyle of Healthy Eating. Fall in Love With the Right Foods.

No-FUSS Healthy Eating Starter Kit

By Denise Sultenfuss

Looking to reclaim your health? Are you tired of diet fads, restrictive eating plans, expensive meal replacement products? 

Learn to:

  • Transform your attitude toward food 
  • Dispose of diets, meal replacements, and restrictive eating fads 
  • Enjoy eating real food, guilt-free
  • Purge your pantry of foods that have a negative effect on your health 
  • Plan no-FUSS meals 
  • Learn to maintain a non-toxic, natural home 
  • Grow your own food


The Starter Kit provides everything you need to begin a lifestyle of healthy eating and living. 17 pages of resources to launch your journey to healthy eating!

Purge Your Pantry

Clear your pantry and frig from foods that have an adverse effect on your health.

A Simple Checklist That Revolutionizes Your Eating Habits

Use the checklist and go at your own pace to cultivate a lifestyle of healthy eating. Each goal on the checklist gets you one step closer to the lifestyle approach to healthy living.

Set Healthy Living Goals

Start setting goals by setting a date with yourself to plan annual, quarterly, monthly, and weekly personal goals. A part of the personal goals are healthy living goals.

Maintain a Food Journal

Gain inight into why you eat when not hungry, how much food you consume, the types of food you eat, food triggers, record the time of day, location, and emotional condition when eating.

Meal Plan Strategy

Follow this real food meal plan with hyperlinks to recipes. Nourish your body with real food and begin to see food's healing effect on your body.

Take the Real Food Pledge

What will you do when you are tempted to revert back to old food habits? The Real Food Pledge equips you to restore your eating and find an accountability partner that will encourage you along the way.

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"Mrs. Denise is very informative and encouraging. She is very knowledgeable about healthy habits in food and life. "  

Andrea Carrolyn Bosley 

An EBook For the Person Who Wants and Needs to Make Healthy Eating a Lifestyle

The lifestyle approach to healthy eating will empower you to make wise decisions about food without feeling deprived.

The No-FUSS Healthy Eating Starter Kit is an Ebook that Never Has to End. 

This Ebook contains printables that will jumpstart a lifestyle of healthy eating. Print the templates to create a healthy living binder. Print as many as you need!

Use the template to transform your relationship with food. Move from an unhealthy obsession with food to a place of peace and gratitude. Restore your health, subdue disease, and feel better about your food choices.

A Word From Denise

"I am a real food activist and agricultural practitioner who helps the wholesome food skeptics and the steadfast real foodie cultivate and maintain a lifestyle approach to healthy living so that you can steward a healthy body and a natural home. The lifestyle approach to whole-food and natural living will unlock gratitude toward food. Healthy living will propel you to a life of stewardship regarding the natural resources graciously bestowed to us to care for and enjoy.



Why postpone the opportunity to start your healthy eating journey? Eating is something you do every day so fill your plate with foods that nourish.