Looking for quick nutritious snacks and meals?

Nutritious, No-FUSS Smoothie Recipe Book

  • Nutrient-dense recipes with high-quality images
  • Shopping list
  • Nutrition information for every recipe
  • Detailed instructions
  • Dirty Dozen/Clean 15 lists included
  • Meal Plan Template included
  • 35 recipes, 42 page recipe book
Smoothie Recipe Book!

Easy Smoothie Recipes

When your schedule is tight, get your fruits and veggies on the go or supplement your eating plan with healthful smoothies.

Delicious and Easy Healthy Smoothies for dessert!

I believe that you can enjoy dessert and get nutrients at the same time. Prepare a smoothie that quenches your desire for dessert and feeds your body vitamins, minerals, and fiber.

Have a smoothie bowl for breakfast!

The smoothie bowl provides all of the necessary nutrients to kickstart your morning. I included several recipes for smoothie bowls.

Healthy Living Starts Here. Right Now. Today.

35 simple, no-FUSS smoothie recipes that will revolutionize your eating plan and boost your nutrition. Healthy eating made simple.


Soulful Lifestyle Healthy Living

I believe eating should be enjoyable, even when there's nutrition involved. (And I help make that no-FUSS.) 

I don't believe in diets, food fads, or bathroom scales. I believe in establishing healthy and sustainable eating habits using foods from nature that God graciously provides. I understand food to be a tool that promotes health and well-being so that you can serve from a place of wellness and wholeness.

Simply put, I believe that making small, step changes lead to long-term change. I help inspire responsible eating and soulful healthy living by keeping God the center of a healthy lifestyle.

The Inside Scoop on Your Smoothie Recipe Book

When you download your smoothie recipe book, you will be fostering a healthy lifestyle.

Recipe Images High-quality images with each smoothie recipe.

Week-at-Glance Smoothie Plan Take a look at your weekly smoothie recipes and decided how you want to incorporate them into your eating plan.

Dirty Dozen and Clean 15 List A handy shopper's guide that features a list of the fruits and vegetables with the highest amount of pesticide residue. The Clean 15 list rates the fruits and vegetables with the lowest amount of pesticide residue.

Nutrition Information Find comprehensive nutritional information for every smoothie recipe.

Shopping List Shopping list organized according to the layout of most supermarkets.

Meal Plan Template Enjoy creating a personalized meal plan with a blank template. Add your favorite smoothie recipes plus other recipes to your template. Incorporate smoothies into your eating plan.

Smoothie Recipe Book 

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Stress and Anxiety Meal Plan

A comprehensive meal plan that features foods that help your body process stress and anxiety. Holistic nutritionists meticulously design recipes to help combat stress and anxiety.

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