Have Yourself a Wholesome and Holy Christmas

 christmas ebook, healthy, holyDo you face December befuddled about what to gift friends and family?

Are you tempted to rush past Advent this year?

Let me help you this year.

  • share the Advent story in a way that serves and blesses others
  • craft gifts that boost well-being and offers a personal touch
  • nourish your body and soul

Don't rush past the Advent season. Savor the narrative of the birth of our King.

Sharing the Advent narrative using the Secret 12 Days of Christmas activity  could build a friendship that reaches beyond Christmas.

Invite friends over and find a space in your home to craft the suggested gift ideas in my Ebook.  Or, find a space in your home and organize a time of quiet design.  Whatever works for your season of life.

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Have Yourself a Wholesome and Holy Christmas

Your friends and family will be thrilled with gifts that boost well-being

Share the blessed Advent story in an exciting way that you and your family will remember forever!

Budget friendly gift ideas that you can use every year.

 The Secret 12 Days of Christmas will now be an anuual tradition in our household!  
What a fun way to spend Christmas break, making gifts that not only fit in my budget but gifts that contribute to the health of my friends. Sue D.


The Christmas Inspiration Ebook includes

Sustainable gifts like beeswax candle, potted paper-whites, green, cleaning recipes, and bath bombs

Recipes That Nourish

Granola, homemade vanilla extract, almond biscotti, and breakfast casserole

Cute Gift Tags Included

Secret 12 Days of Christmas Advent Activity

Bible references that detail the Advent story and suggested gift ideas to accompany the story

Questions You May Have:

Can I use this Ebook next year or the year after that?

Yes, this book is timeless, just make sure that you download your book using the link provided.

How can this Ebook save me money?

A one time fee and the Ebook is your forever. The recipes and crafts help you dodge the chaos and cost asssociated with the malls.

What if I don't like to cook or craft could I still use the book?

If you don't like to cook or craft you can still use the second part of the book which are the instructions on how to do the Secret 12 Days of Christmas Activity.

Can I buy this Ebook as a gift for a friend?

Yes, just give them the download link.

What if I forget to download the Ebook within the alotted time?

No problem, just email and I will send you another


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