It Doesn't Seem Possible But....

Starting a No-FUSS Healthy Eating Lifestyle Has Never Been Easier

If You Are Struggling With Food Choices, Stick Around Because Help Is on the Way

I am Here To Help You Succeed

Lifestyle Healthy Eating

You will learn to cultivate and maintain a lifestyle of healthy eating without feeling deprived.

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About Me

Years ago, Lyme Disease assaulted my body.  I reclaimed my health with a  lifestyle approach to healthy eating which includes eating real foods.

Even if you aren't battling chronic illness, maybe you are in the habit of make poor food choices that have a detrimental effect on your health.

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Ready to Start Today?

The easy way to launch your lifestyle of healthy eating

Here's the Tool

♥Learn to make consistently better food choices

♥Transform your attitude toward food

♥View food from a stewardship perspective

♥Willingly express gratitude for food

♥Dispose of diets, eating fads, extreme restrictive eating

♥Establish a lifetime of healthy living

The No-FUSS Healthy Living Starter Kit which includes printables that kick-start your healthy living journey.

The kit includes:

  • My Real Food Commitment Pledge Sheet
  • A one-week real food meal plan
  • Real Food Beginners Guide Checklist
  • Healthy Living Kitchen Checklist
  • Real Food Pantry Checklist
  • Garden Template/Planner Page
  • Daily Food Journal Page
  • Intentional Day Planner Page

and more...

A total of 17 printables that help you cultivate and maintain a lifestyle approach to healthy eating.

How Will This Starter Kit Transform Your Eating?

The benefits of the Starter Kit are that you can implement the actionable steps right away. There is no prep. No membership to join. No monthly supplies to reorder.

All you need is real food.

You will begin to see how food can impact your health. In a short time, you will view food through a different lens.

Your food label reading will increase and help you to make wise food purchases.


Ready to find out more? Get started today!


Q. Is this Ebook printable?

A. Yes, once you purchase the Start Kit, you will receive immediate access to the kit.

Q. How will this Starter Kit help me make better food choices?

A.  When you implement the action steps from the Starter Kit, you will build gradual awareness of your food choices, the foods you buy, and the ingredients in your food.

Q. Is this a diet?

A. Absolutely not! Better results are found in cultivating and maintaining a lifestyle approach to healthy eating rather than following a fad diet or using meal replacement foods.