What Everyone Should Know About Family Life

Family life is like a Smith Island cake. For generations, the women of Smith Island have mastered the art of the Smith Island cake. They skillfully assemble 8-10 layers of paper-thin buttery bliss to create a towered architectural wonder swathed in cooked, fudge frosting.  Even the most experienced, dexterous Smith Island bakers find themselves routinely…

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Spinach-Basil Pesto Recipe

PrintSpinach-Basil Pesto Ingredients2 cups of fresh spinach, stems removed 2 cups of fresh basil, stems removed 1 cup of garlic infused olive oil (or plain olive oil and add extra minced garlic) 1 tsp of course salt (or to taste) 1 tsp of minced garlic (or to taste) 1/2 cup of walnuts (budget friendly nut)…

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Whole30: How to Get Ready For Your Food Makeover

Have you ever considered a food makeover? We don’t think twice about refreshing the kitchen but what about an overhaul on the food we eat?  Could certain foods trigger your chronic headaches or other health issues? Everyone loves and, on occasion, needs and deserves a makeover.  Like me, you’ve at one time experienced an organization…

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Conquering Perfect Mother Syndrome (PMS)

Before entering the mommy arena, I unpacked baggage from my childhood and wrestled it to the floor. Then I carefully repacked the baggage and affectionately renamed them “experiences.”  I devoured every parenting book in print, or so it seemed, feeding my insatiable appetite for mommy knowledge.  My misguided quest to be the perfect mom, eventually,…

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