Why I Combat Lyme Disease With Integrative Medicine

Lyme disease integrative medicine

Early on in my battle, I wrote extensively about the integrative solutions I used to destroy Lyme. With all of the perpetual confusion about fighting the devastating disease, how and why did I settle on combating Lyme disease with integrative medicine? Furthermore, you might be wondering why on earth do I write the title of…

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Respond to Your Lyme Disease or Chronic Illness With Action Not Fear

Debilitating headaches, fatigue, chills, vertigo, and joint aches seem to conspire to keep you in bed. Fear and anxiety — uninvited guests of Lyme disease may seem to visit more often these days. They hijack your thoughts and hold them captive. Anyone plagued with this complex chronic illness or any other chronic disease can relate.…

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How to Manage Lyme Disease During the Holidays

manage Lyme disease

2020 thrust unexpected obstacles and barriers in our way. Fighting Lyme disease requires you to harness the strength to push obstacles out of your way so that you can get on with your recovery. With the holidays at your doorstep, it’s important to manage your disease or illness effectively. When you are sick, it’s tempting…

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The Essential Healthy Holiday Gift Guide

healthy holiday gift guide

The other day my friend suggested that I create a healthy living resource list. Family, friends, and health coaching clients often send me a text or email asking for recommendations on certain products. All of the gift ideas on the list are items that I use. You will recognize many of the products from my…

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5 Smart Ways to Have a Healthy Holiday When Combating Lyme Disease

healthy holiday Lyme disease

Before your Lyme disease diagnosis, the typical holiday drill went something like this: a flurry of appetizers followed by a raucous feast. Then, a couple of trips to the dessert table until the tryptophan from the turkey kicked into high gear. Then, you are dozing off the food high until it was time for turkey…

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Managing Lyme Disease with an Integrative Approach

lyme disease

(This post contains affiliate links) In the spring of 2009, there was a war waging inside my body. I sat on the edge of my bed that morning and forced myself to get dressed. Lyme Disease had crept in and cunningly hijacked my health. I would soon learn the benefits of an integrative approach to…

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Kick Your Sugar Habit in 30 Days; Change Your Health

If you feel like the sugar demon has its grip on you, and you can’t see a way to break free, well, I’ve got some tips on how to slay that monster once and for all. You can kick the sugar habit in 30 days. Why thirty days? Because, yes, you can do anything for…

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