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Denise Sultenfuss

Real food activist and agricultural practitioner

I am a real food activist and agricultural practitioner who helps the wholesome food skeptics and the steadfast real foodie cultivate and maintain a lifestyle approach to healthy living so that you can steward a healthy body and a natural home. The lifestyle approach to whole-food and natural living will unlock the heart to a life of humble gratitude and responsibility for the gifts of the resources of the earth.

My interest in whole-food and natural living began a decade ago when I received a diagnosis of acute Lyme Disease.

I subdue my Lyme Disease with foods that aid in boosting my immune system, reduce inflammation, and regulate my symptoms associated with the disease.

The road to restored health could be a long and arduous journey. Depending on where you are on your food journey, making a radical change to your diet necessitates determination.

After I incorporated my Lyme healing food principles into my diet, not only did my health increase but my attitude towards food changed.  As my body gradually repaired, I recognized the vital role that food played in restoring my health.

You will most likely encounter some form of food in opposition to your new way of eating.  Be prepared and stand firm.

The focus of my blog is the home, the heart of life here on earth.   My home and the precious lives that dwell within and those that cross our threshold from time to time feeds my passions for faith, family, real food, homeschooling, and hospitality. Just as if you were to visit me on our farm, I will provide you with real food recipes, meal plans, insight to homeschooling (printables and curriculum reviews) encouragement as you journey through motherhood (articles and printables), inspire you with creative, frugal ideas in the art of homemaking and hospitality (printables and checklists), and offer wisdom as a fellow sojourner in this Christian life (prayer).

We live on the family farm on the Eastern Shore of Maryland, with the Chesapeake Bay on one side and the Atlantic on the other.  I used to be a city girl at heart, but as soon as my farmer husband captured my urban heart, the city girl faded and the farm girl blossomed.   Although, I do stretch my wings from time to time and land in a big city for a visit.  Our half-dozen kids call this farm home.  Three of them have left the nest to establish families and homes of their own.

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"The food you eat can either be the safest & most powerful form of medicine…or the slowest form of poison.”

— Ann Wigmore
 Natural Health Practitioner
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