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Health and Wellness Coaching

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What is integrative health and wellness coaching?

Integrative health and wellness coaching support and empowers you to make desirable health-generating changes. In collaboration with me, I listen deeply to your concerns and obstacles and then ask thought-provoking questions to help identify what matters most.

Through the coaching process, you will better understand any barriers that prevent you from moving closer to your goals and lifestyle/behavior changes.

Integrative coaching relies on 5 key concepts:

1. Whole-person care

One of the hallmarks of whole-person care is the practice of individualized care. Whole-person care is more than viewing the many factors that impact health and well-being. As I coach, I acknowledge that people are designed by God with a mind, body, and spiritual life.

2. Patient-centered Care

Patient-centered medicine is an approach that respects the needs and preferences of the individual and empowers YOU to be actively involved in your healthcare. 

3. Optimal Health

A focus on optimal health and well-being reflects a general trend in the way health is understood.  The coach and client focus on health and well-being rather than on disease management.

4. Evidence-informed Practice

Health and wellness practices and decisions are based on the best available evidence integrated with my experience as a coach as well as the preferences and characteristics of YOU, the client.

5. Patient-Practitioner Relationship

A focus on optimal health and well-being reflects a general trend in the way health is understood.  The coach and client focus on health and well-being rather than on disease managment.


Hi there, I am Denise.

And I am going to assist and guide you on your new health journey.

Are you tired of feeling overwhelmed with your health and wellness? Do you need help managing stress? Have you reached a critical point in your health that makes it NECESSARY to make a change in your lifestyle? Are you uncertain about the next step?

Here at Soulful Healthy Living, I don't follow food fads, eating trends, or diet gurus. I help you CULTIVATE lifestyle soulful healthy living. Lifestyle healthy living gets results that last a lifetime.

My health and wellness coaching guides you on your journey to long-term healthy living. I specialize in a faith-based approach to health and wellness coaching.

My Experience

I am a Lyme Disease warrior! With a skillful combination of antibiotics and holistic approaches, I eradicated the disease.

 I've helped dozens of people manage their health and wellness. In a collaborative relationship, we will cultivate a plan so that you can maintain a healthy lifestyle. 

I spent 22 years (and counting) home educating my children so I understand the value of one-on-one support when it comes to positive behavior change.

I earned my post-baccalaureate health and wellness coaching education and certificate through the Maryland University of Integrative Health (MUIH).

Integrative Health Coaching helps you...

  • Clarify values and visions for your health and wellness.
  • Set priorities for your health and wellness.
  • Design specific action steps.
  • Optimize your health and wellness
  • Make sustainable, long-term lifestyle changes
  • Design an individualized health-wellness blueprint that helps you stay focused.
  • Develop health and wellness goals that meet your needs.
  • Reframe obstacles that get in the way of you reaching your goals.
  • Implement health-wellness practices and rhythms that reduce stress and optimize your health.
  • Focus on multiple areas of your health and wellness that restore and boost your health and wellness.

Provides Accountability

When it comes to health and wellness, you need more accountability than yourself, especially in the early stages of change. You will reach your goals more consistently and effectively with the help of a health and wellness coach.

Plans for all levels of coaching needs

Each plan is designed to help you meet your health and wellness needs and goals. Sometimes your health-wellness journey may take longer so my coaching suite offers several plans.

Each plan is outfitted with everything you will need for sustainable, long-term change.

I offer three coaching tiers in my coaching suite. All options are available either in-person or via Zoom. Each plan allows enough time in coaching to cultivate lifestyle and habit change(s) that will restore then transform your health.

My Coaching Suite

1 Month

Zoom or in-person

Specialized and focused session

  • Comprehensive health and wellness assessment
  • Weekly health and wellness goals
  • One FREE 7-day healthy meal plan
  • Coaching resources and tools
  • Coaching Resources

$ 397 for one month


3 Months

1-90 minute Discovery session then weekly (or 12 sessions) 60-minute sessions and:

  • Comprehensive health and wellness assessment
  • Weekly/Monthly SMART Goal(s)
  • Weekly 7-day healthy meal plans
  • Coaching resources
  • Additional coaching support, if needed

$997 for 3 months

Billed monthly: $397

Savings of $194


6 Months

1-90 minute Discovery session then weekly (or 24 sessions) 60-minute sessions and:

  • Comprehensive health and wellness assessment
  • Weekly/Monthly SMART Goal(s)
  • Weekly 7-day healthy meal plans
  • Coaching resources
  • Additional coaching support, if needed

$1,974 for 6 months

Billed monthly: $397

Savings of $388

Coaching for Caregivers

You may be caring for a loved one who is combating a devastating chronic disease or health crisis. If so, it's essential for YOU to care for yourself as you walk this journey.

Caregivers experience stress, anxiety, fear, and fatigue. Managing and maintaining YOUR health is integral to helping your loved one recover and restore her health. As a caregiver, you'll want to nourish and nurture your body so that you can serve your loved one from a place of health and wholeness.

Caregiver's Coaching

Option 1

As you take on the caregiver's responsibility, cultivating positive health habits takes on a new level of importance and priority.

In-person or Zoom

60-minute sessions

  • Comprehensive health and wellness assessment
  • Goals, actions steps, client accountability, and assessment of goals
  • Coaching resources and tools
  • Weekly/monthly check-ins
  • Stress management and contemplative mindfulness coaching

$250/4 sessions



Can I do some Zoom and some in-person sessions?

Indeed! I want coaching to work with your schedule, so you can use my scheduling link to choose which is best for you for each session.

How do I schedule my session(s)?

Once you pay for your coaching, a scheduling page will pop up. There, you can schedule some or all of your sessions. If you decide to schedule only a few this time, no worries, you can always go back and schedule more at a later time.

When do I get the health-wellness assessment?

Once you pay, you will receive an immediate download of my comprehensive health-wellness assessment. Take some time before our first session to intentionally complete the forms.

Is my coaching refundable?

Typically, I do not offer refunds unless there are extenuating circumstances.

Clients who experienced change.

"When I first started coaching with Denise, I had no idea about my next step in restoring my health from Lyme, but she collaborated with me in creating awareness about food, exercise, and supplements. After our time together, I felt like a new person."

- Debbie (Federalsburg, MD)

"Denise is a blessing!  Her positive, intuitive, client-paced approach made my experience personalized to my needs and goals. Her knowledge and listening skills encouraged me from week to week, and her patience and support created an atmosphere of calm, positive, self-paced healthy change."

Denise's practical approach and creative, holistic interventions allowed me to gain the confidence I needed to succeed. Her ability to minister to the whole person, physically, spiritually, and emotionally encourages lifelong change and success in all areas of my life! Hiring Denise was the catalyst that has afforded me a more positive outlook on my health and my future! Best decision I have made on my road to health and wellness!

- Jennifer (Easton, MD)