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If You Are Struggling With Food Choices, Stick Around Because Help Is on the Way:


For a limited time, my No-FUSS Healthy Eating Starter Kit is available to subscribers for $3.97 (normally $5.00)


  • Learn to make consistently better food choices

  • View food from a stewardship perspective

  • Dispose of diets, eating fads, extreme restrictive eating

  • Regain your health

  • Establish a lifetime of healthy living

The kit includes:

  • My Real Food Commitment Pledge Sheet
  • A one-week real food meal plan
  • Real Food Beginners Guide Checklist
  • Healthy Living Kitchen Checklist
  • Real Food Pantry Checklist
  • Garden Template/Planner Page
  • Daily Food Journal Page
  • Intentional Day Planner Page


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