Transform Your Life: Join My Weight Loss Workshop Today!

Reaching your ideal weight is more than numbers on a scale. It's a sustainable lifestyle that requires long-term change.

Are you frustrated that you haven't cracked the code on why you haven't been able to reach your ideal health goal or weight?

Sound like a lot to manage? I have a method that works for the clients I've consulted with, and I will share that method at the workshop.

Enroll Now in the Workshop - Don't Miss Out! Enrollment is LIMITED!


Workshop Details:

WHEN: March 11, 2023 | 9:30 am to 11:00 am

COST: $35 (non-refundable)

WHERE: Torchio Building-205 East Water Street /Centreville, MD 21617


What's Included in the Workshop?

Healthy, Lite Breakfast

  • Egg nests
  • Fresh fruit
  • Gluten-free muffins
  • Sourdough bagels
  • Organic coffee, herbal teas, and a cold beverage

During the Workshop

  • Workshop Handbook
  • Green Smoothie Recipe Collection
  • Health-Wellness Resources
  • Door Prizes
  • Q&A following the workshop

Ready to kick-start healthy habits that change your body and your life?