Be intentional about your health and wellness

Ebook: The Wellness Binder


Your health and wellness are important. The downloadable Wellness Binder is your guide to tracking the important areas for balanced health and wellness. The binder helps to keep your health journey focused and organized.

Cultivate and maintain a lifestyle of healthy living.

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It's time to take your health and wellness seriously.

Wellness Binder Details

Throughtfully designed, the wellness binder provides printable health and wellness forms so that you can be intentional about your healthy living journey.

The Forms included:

  • Wellness Sheet - track your daily supplements, medication, essential oils, etc. There is space to record dosages, frequency, and notes.
  • Healthcare Sheet - record any tests, dates, results, and notes.
  • Body Therapy - record type of treatment, date, practitioner, and notes
  • Exercise Log - track your workout, time, frequency, and notes
  • Soulful Sheet - this form allows you to write inspirational quotes, prayers, gratitude, and scripture.
  • Journal - spend time writing down your thoughts and feelings throughout the day
  • Daily Organization Sheet - chart your goals, chores, school tasks, meal prep, etc (great for busy moms or hectic schedules)
  • Other forms: meal plan template, DIY Cleaner Recipe form, and Weekly Wellness Goals.
  • Life Goals Sheet(s) - Set spiritual, recreational, intelelectual/academic, Health/Wellness. 

This wellness binder will help you

  • Gain an overview of your health
  • Organize your day
  • Discover areas in your health that need improvement
  • Maintain accurate health/wellness records
  • Set daily and weekly healthy living goals
  • Cultivate gratitude
  • Establish awareness about food choices
  • Track what supplements, treatments, exercise, and foods are optimal/not optimal for you. 
  • Become more intentional with your time and energy

When you faithfully use this book, you will:

  • Spend less money on your health because you know what is working
  • Cultivate a lifestyle of healthy living
  • Learn to make balanced healthy living choices
  • Avoid feeling deprived
  • Disregard food fads and diet trends
  • Reconcile your relationship with food
  • Manage your time

I created these forms after I recovered from Lyme Disease. The wellness binder helps me to organize my treatments and protocols. Years later, I use them to help track the health and wellness of my family.

Peek Inside (a few sample pages)

Simple, No-FUSS design.

Make as many copies as you need!

Track your health for an entire year.

Get Your Day Organized; be more productive, less chaotic

A daily tracker that will revolutionize your day.

Establish Intentional Soulful Living

Cultivate gratitude, enrich your relationships, and improve your wellness.

...and 7 more pages included

The Wellness Binder will fit on 8.5" x 11" standard pages. The binder includes 14 pages of forms.

The pages included:

  • Wellness Binder Cover
  • Printing Instructions
  • Wellness Printable
  • Health Care Printable
  • Body Therapy Printable
  • Exercise Printable
  • Soulful Printable
  • Daily Journal
  • Meal Plan Printable
  • Daily Organizer Printable
  • Weekly Wellness Goal Printable
  • DIY Cleaner Recipe Printable
  • Life Goals List Printable(s)


Q. Can I print as many copies of each page?

A. Yes, print as many copies as long as you do not share or resell any content of the binder.

Q. Does an actual binder come with the order?

A. No, this is a non-shippable purchase. You receive a link to a download. Save the link to your computer. You can purchase your favorite binder to store your pages.

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