Whole30 Challenge: How to Prepare For the Challenge and Succeed

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Join me for the Whole30 Challenge and eliminate certain foods from your diet for ONLY thirty days with remarkable outcomes like:

I am glad that you’ve stopped here so join us in the Whole30 Challenge. Read on to prepare for the challenge and get ready to succeed regardless of whether it’s your first Whole30 or a reset.

The Whole30 Program is different than most programs because it uses wholesome, real food to gain results. Unlike the “get quick results weight loss programs”, with the Whole30 there is no pill to take, shake to drink, or meal to weigh. Instead, food is the tool that alters your attitude, health, and habits.

No Pills, Shakes, Scales, or Calculating Points— Eat and Enjoy Your Compliant Food

A sobering reality is that most of us invest more time and money in our material possessions than we do in our health. We scrimp and save to DIY our kitchens and living rooms; yet, we wince at the price tag for organic produce.  Some of us would rather upgrade our cable service or cell phones than invest the money in fueling our body with high-quality food. We are willing to endure chronic health issues like high blood pressure, migraines, allergies, chronic fatigue, Lyme Disease in exchange for the freedom to eat the typical American diet.

The inescapable fact that we choose to ignore: we are creatures designed to consume food—and not just any food. Your body needs wholesome, unprocessed foods to thrive and maintain health. Allow the Whole30 Challenge to help you begin a new food journey.

Here is how to get started with the Whole30 Challenge:

1. Educate Yourself

Whole30  founders Dallas and Melissa Hartwig suggest to “familiarize yourself with the Whole30 program rules.” Their book The Whole30: The 30-Day Guide to Total Health and Food Freedom outlines the program guidelines.

Other Whole30 resources:
The Whole30 Fast & Easy Cookbook: 150 Simply Delicious Everyday Recipes for Your Whole30
The Whole30 Day by Day: Your Daily Guide to Whole30 Success
It Starts With Food: Discover the Whole30 and Change Your Life in Unexpected Ways
The Whole30 Cookbook: 150 Delicious and Totally Compliant Recipes to Help You Succeed with the Whole30 and Beyond

For most of us, purchasing multiple books is not within the budget. If your budget permits you to buy one of the Whole30 books, I recommend The Whole30: The 30-Day Guide to Total Health and Food Freedom. This book provides a thorough introduction to the program with detailed guidelines, recipes, a list of suggested kitchen supplies, a 7-day meal plan, and more.

2. Meal Plan

When doing the Whole30, meal planning is crucial because cruising through the fast food lane is NOT an option.  Remember, the Whole30 not only resets your body; the program also establishes new eating patterns.

Sign up on my site to receive a free Whole30 meal plan every week for your challenge. To design your own meal plan, print this free Whole30 meal plan template.

Other resources for Whole30 meal plans:

3. Foods to Prepare in Advance

Condiments and Marinades

Housemade compliant Whole30 sauces and marinades will save you money. Not only will your budget benefit, but you will enjoy the taste of homemade. Prepare the following foods on the weekend:


The Whole30 awakens you from your vegetable slumber.  The program inspires participants to blaze new culinary trails with food. Vegetables will occupy a huge portion of your plate so learn to diversify the way you cook and prepare them. Cut, dice, spiralize, and chop as much as you can in advance.

4. Essential Time-Saving Kitchen Tools

5. Purge Your Kitchen

Before you begin your Whole30, remove all processed foods from your pantry and your refrigerator. Initiate the practice of scrutinizing food labels. Use my Healthy Eating Stater Kit to prepare for your Whole30.

Your pre-Whole30 foodstyle will determine how much support and accountability you will need for the program. At some point during the next thirty days, everyone will need a pat on the back or a tough love talk (probably about sugar). Do yourself a huge favor and gather support from family and friends.

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Denisesultenfuss.com on Facebook is where I post recipes, articles, meal plans and more. It’s the place where you will receive encouragement and inspiration on your healthy living journey.

Denise Sultenfuss on Pinterest- I maintain a Whole30 Pinterest board dedicated to Whole30 compliant recipes, meal plans, and posts.

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Feel free to email me: denise@denisesultenfuss.com with any questions or comments pertaining to your Whole30.

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7. Where to Find Whole30 Compliant Food

Thrive Market is an online grocery store that offers organic and wholesome food for a fraction of the cost of most supermarkets.  You can register for free to browse the Thrive Market catalog, see member savings, and receive 15% off your first purchase. Unlike most membership sites, with your first purchase on Thrive Market, you’ll start a free 30-day membership trial. See how much you save, and you cancel any time. When you can’t DIY–you’ve got to have a resource to purchase Whole30 compliant foods.

Tessemae’s – Tessemae’s is a proud partner of the Whole30 program, and they offer many delicious Whole30 Approved dressings and sauces to help you on your journey. Try the Tessemae’s All Natural Dressing and Sauces Variety 8 pack – Whole30 Certified, soy-free, gluten-free, dairy-free, keto approved

ButcherBox delivers 100% grass-fed beef, free-range organic chicken, and heritage breed pork directly to your door. Think of them as the neighborhood butcher for modern America.

I am a proponent of getting you in the kitchen and cooking.  The reality, not everyone can cook at home every night. When you face a busy day that prevents you from eating at home, consider Pete’s Paleo. Pete’s Paleo meals are crafted by experienced chefs using only the highest quality Grass-Fed beef, Free-Range Turkey and Chicken, Heritage-Breed Pork and Organic Vegetables. Never any fillers or funky stuff, and everything is Whole30® Approved!

Every single Pete’s Paleo meal is Whole30®Approved. Customize your delivery choices for AIP or Keto, choose Paleo sides or create a personalized menu with your favorite meals and snacks.

8. Maintain a Health and Wellness Journal

Your health and wellness binder will be the place where you record the victories and defeats during your Whole30 Challenge. Spend time each day writing down any changes in your health. The health and wellness journal is a safe place to express gratitude for food and prayers for perseverance. You will NEVER record your weight because during the Whole30 you NEVER weigh yourself.  Remember friend, if you allow it, this challenge can awaken your senses to a new perspective on food.

Make notes about recipes and meal plans throughout the thirty days. Jot down health and wellness websites or inspirational quotes. Your journal is the private space to express your feelings about the challenge.


The Whole30 will not only establish new eating habits, but you will eat at home (most of the time) and learn to cook (and possibly fall in love with it).  Writer and food renegade Barbara Kingsolver resolves:

“for a dedicated non-cook, the first step is likely the hardest: convincing oneself it’s worth the trouble in terms of health and household economy, let alone saving the junked-up world.”

The next thirty days will revolutionize your perspective on food and fine tune your health.  The great feature of this program is that the only meeting you attend is in your kitchen.  You won’t need to order supplements, powdered meal replacements, or calculate food points. The key is to meal plan especially if you are traveling.  Good luck and most of all high five for investing in your health!

Noteworthy Whole30 Recipes:

Bulletproof Bone Broth Latte

Sticky Chicken Zucchini Noodles

Summer Chicken Apple Salad

Whole30 Resources:

Rekindle Your Love For Salads (free salad recipes)

Essential Foods That Are Better Homemade Than Purchased

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