chocolate banana smoothie

The goal of real food eating is to find recipes that use clean ingredients.  My daughter, who is my partner in kitchen creations, and I blended this scrumptious wholesome chocolate banana smoothie (Whole30 compliant/vegan/GF) that is packed with ingredients plucked from nature.  The typical smoothie offered at a restaurant can be a bit deceiving.  Most of the time, consumers are led to believe a smoothie contains a host of fresh ingredients.  Being on the  Whole30 program, though, brings out the foodie sleuth in me.

Search for Wholesome Smoothies, Don’t Settle for the Counterfeit

The other day I visited a popular chain restaurant for a smoothie.  The menu advertised fresh fruit smoothies, so I assumed that the drink contained exactly what it alleged… fresh fruit. Before I placed my smoothie order, I boldly (normally I am a bit sheepish about this) inquired about the exact contents of the smoothie.

The server cordially hauled out an industrial-size container of scarlet goop that resembled pureed strawberries.  She politely explained that ice is added to the liquid then blended.  My real food alarms resounded as I silently wondered two points:

1.  If there are no fresh ingredients then why am I just about to plunk down a hefty price for this so-called fresh fruit smoothie?

Consumers should expect to pay a higher price for an authentic smoothie that includes actual fruits or vegetables.  Not the case in this restaurant counterfeit fresh fruit smoothie that I investigated.  Take the time to seek out an authentic smoothie place.

2.  What is really housed in that industrial container?

Most of the counterfeit smoothies contain synthetic fillers to thicken the blend, whereas, real fruits and vegetables would serve as a natural thickener.  Commercially concocted smoothies often contain mystery preservatives and a high volume of refined sugar.

I understand that teeming customer volume makes it difficult for restaurants to prepare smoothies with fresh, real ingredients.  If that is the case, remove the misleading menu description of “fresh fruit,” lower the price, and please don’t raise an eyebrow if a real foodie asks questions regarding the contents of a specific menu item.  I happened to encounter a pleasant employee who happily answered my questions.  A Sigh of relief!

chocolate banana smoothie


Wholesome Chocolate Banana Smoothie, Whole30 Compliant

Chocolate Banana Smoothie
1-2 frozen banana
1 tsp chia seeds
2 Tbsp cacao powder
1 tsp cinnamon
1 date (pitted)
1 cup of almond milk (no sugar added)
1/2-1 cup of crushed ice

In a blender, add banana, chia seeds, cacao powder, cinnamon,
date, and then add ice and milk. Blend until smooth.

What is your favorite real food smoothie recipe? 

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