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 Thrive Market Membership  Changes Grocery Shopping


I dedicate half (the other half is devoted to holy living) of my blog posts to inspiring and equipping reader-friends with information and content on healthful living.  My confidence in the benefits of consuming nutrient-dense food motivates me to campaign vigilantly on its behalf. Click To Tweet I bank my writing business on it every time I post an article related to real food, natural health, and gardening.  I scrutinize food labels and investigate foods to:

  • help you avoid spending money on a counterfeit food item
  • increase your awareness of fraudulent foods
  • offer nutritious alternatives
  • encourage you to select and invest in foods that boost well-being
  • inspire you to gobble the rainbow
  • sharpen your real food skillet skills

Thrive Market is a valuable tool in your endeavor to sustain a wholesome, wholesome food, non-toxic lifestyle.

Real food

Grocery Shopping Game Changer

Even though my nest is nearly empty and my older children are establishing their holiday traditions, I am steadfast when it comes to holiday baking. I still have three kids at home with voracious appetites. Where once the dinner table brimmed with occupants, these days chairs remain empty. Nonetheless, my Kitchen Aid continues to churn out family favorites.

Around the holidays, my kitchen hums with activity. Organic baking and cooking require bowlfuls of freshly milled flour, velvety cocoa powder, and savory rosemary. I am incredibly particular about the quality and safety of my ingredients. Whether it’s organic nutmeg, coconut milk, or raw honey—I want my ingredients to be high quality, nutrient-rich and inexpensive.

Thrive Market

That’s why, I joined Thrive Market

Thrive Market carries all my favorite, quality, all natural and organic ingredients for a fraction of the cost compared with leading health food supermarket chains (trust me, I’ve made sure!). I can be confident that my holiday creations include natural ingredients that don’t break the bank.

We live on a farm, but we can’t grow everything. There are items that I need to buy on a weekly basis.  In some cases, it is more cost-effective and time-efficient to buy the food item rather than make it from scratch. The kicker is to find a reliable source to buy the food item without compromising quality.

When you join Thrive Market, you can:

  • Find what you’re looking for (no more schlepping through five stores)– no more compromising on ingredients and products because your local grocery store doesn’t have what you need. No more playing scavenger hunt down multiple aisles only to discover the STORE NEVER HAD THE ITEM!
  • Enjoy every day low prices (can you shout WHOLESALE PRICES!)– again, this perk is the feature that attracted me to Thrive. I desire to use ingredients and products as natural as possible without exhausting my budget, and Thrive Market measures up to that fiscal standard.
  • Avoid the grocery store hassle (doing the happy dance in my kitchen)- All Thrive products ship right to your door, all you have to do is unpack your Thrive box in slippers and coffee in hand.
  • Saves tons of time (so that you can catch that flick on BBC)– Rather than meander through several supermarkets to cherry pick the best deals, Thrive offers consistently low prices. One store, one stop.
  • Ease of access to products (this is the millennial)- skip multiple trips to the store, tiresome trek through the store, or endless waiting in line at the store.  Thrive lets you click your way through their on-line supermarket from the comfort of your home.
  • Free Shipping on orders over $49 BUT RIGHT NOW THRIVE MARKET OFFERS 20% OFF YOUR FIRST THREE ORDERS- just think of the carbon footprint you saved by not traveling to numerous stores.
  • Give Back –when you buy a Thrive Market membership, you’re also donating one to a low-income family, teacher, veteran, or student. They also provide educational content and grocery stipends to their Gives members. Additionally, Thrive Market cares about the environment.  Their products are environmentally packaged.

Interested in trying Thrive for yourself—I dare you to jump in and watch as you save on your very favorite products.

Stop waiting. Hop off the fence and click here for your FREE Thrive coffee and join the Thrive community. Need more convincing?

Download this free “ WEEKLY MEAL PLAN” and put your membership to work.

Thrive Market

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