Are your hormones out of balance?

The foods you eat can restore and support your hormone health.

Women's Hormone Balancing Meal Plan and Prep Guide

By Denise Sultenfuss, Certified Integrative Health-Wellness Coach/Lyme Disease Specialist

A diet to balance adrenals, liver, and thyroid for optimal fertility and vitality.

Our Women's Hormone Balancing Diet contains key ingredients to promote healthy sex hormone production and detoxification, adrenal health, and thyroid function.

Recipes include the adaptogens maca and Schisandra, as well as foods that support liver and gut health. Focus is on indole-3-carbinol, omega-3s, iodine, probiotics, and fiber, as well as regular meals and plenty of protein for balanced blood sugar.

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What this meal has to offer:

A meal plan packed with nutrients to support your hormone health. Provides food choices that nourish your body and support hormone health.


Recipes that help reset food-related imbalances.

Prep Guide

A prep guide to keep YOU on-track with daily cooking tasks.

Shopping List

An itemized shopping list to reduce stress at the grocery store.

Week-at-a Glance of Your Meal Plan

A colorful copy of your meal plan to add to your personal planner or pin to the family calendar. One quick glance and everyone knows what's on the menu.

Cooking Instructions

Easy cooking instructions that remove cooking fatigue.

Nutrition Information for Every Recipes

Keep track of your nutrients with each meal.

Ready to use food to balance your hormone health?


For All Skill Levels

I've already done the hard work for you! The idea is to nourish your body with foods that reduce inflammation and nourish your body.

All you have to do is follow the simple, delicious recipes. This meal plan does not require a certain level of cooking skills. You can easily adapt the meals for your family simply by increasing the number of servings per recipe.

Why this meal plan works:


Research shows magnesium plays a role in migraines and depression. Emerging data suggests magnesium can help with chronic pain, hormone health, and anxiety. Many people do not reach their daily recommended intake of magnesium through diet, so this meal plan provides over 500 milligrams per day of magnesium from whole foods.

Vitamin B6

Vitamin B6 is effective when combined with magnesium in adults with severe stress. Women who consume more vitamin B6 are less likely to experience anxiety. A low B6 status may also increase panic attacks. Getting enough vitamin B6 through diet can support the body during stress and reduce anxiety, which supports adrenal health. This plan incorporates vitamin B6 from many foods, including chickpeas, poultry, bananas, and squash.


Low iron is a known contributor to anxiety, depression, and hormonal issues. This plan contains great iron sources like beef, liver, and sausage. These iron sources are paired with foods that have vitamin C to enhance iron absorption.


Fiber is an important nutrient to reduce anxiety. It helps balance blood sugar, reduce inflammation, and feed gut bacteria to produce short-chain fatty acids, decreasing anxiety. Fiber can be found in this plan from whole grains, legumes, seeds, and cruciferous vegetables.

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Food is one of the most powerful weapons to use when combating or managing a health crisis.

It's essential to know which foods optimize your health. These meal plans make healthy eating easier.

Denise Sultenfuss | Integrative Health-Wellness Coach/Writer

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